Checkered Ninja 2

Original Title

Ternet Ninja 2


Animation comedy 

Production Year


Country of Origin


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86 min incl end credits (24fps) / 82 min 33 sec 15 frs (25 fps)

Domestic Release:

19.08.2021 Nordisk Film Distribution

Production Company

A.Film Production A/S, Sudoku ApS, Pop Up Production ApS


Trine Heidegaard

Anders Mastrup


Anders Matthesen


Anders Matthesen

Thorbjørn Christoffersen


In CHECKERED NINJA 2, we again follow the boy Alex and Checkered Ninja on a frantic hunt for the villain from CHECKERED NINJA – Phillip Eppermint. As Eppermint manages to evade a prison sentence in Thailand, Checkered Ninja and Alex team up again along with Alex’s entire family to bust Eppermint in Thailand. Alex and Checkered Ninja’s friendship comes under intense pressure while they are swooped up in a dangerous mission to save the day.

The Team

Anders Matthesen


Anders Matthesen is a comedian, actor, writer and director. During the years he has created and featured in a number of animations and features. 

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Thorbjørn Christoffersen


Thorbjørn Christoffersen (Denmark) was born in 1978 and graduated from The Animation Workshop in 2000. He’s been working in the animation 

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Anders Mastrup


Anders Mastrup co-founded A. Film Production in 1988. Since then he has produced some of the best loved and highest grossing Danish and European 

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Trine Heidegaard


Trine Heidegaard is an independent animation producer with 20 years of experience in the European animation industry and runs Pop Up Production 

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Director's statement

Anders Matthesen
We take our well-established universe and gallery of characters from Checkered Ninja (1) to the next level in a road movie that contains crime story elements and a ticking clock. Moving the action to Thailand is a challenge but also has lots of visual opportunities. The family journey gives the audience an identifiable experience. The crime story is far more dangerous for Alex, with more at stake.

Two major themes permeate the film: one shows that it’s not about what you look like, but what you have inside you. C. N. is afraid his new body with red hearts makes him look like a girl. Little Honey Bee surprises C.N. by being the one to save the day.

The second theme is C.N.’s idea that the goal justifies the means. Alex teaches C.N. the importance of the process over the result, of camaraderie and of being a decent person.
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LevelK Team

Tine Klint

(Founder & CEO)

Debra Liang

(Head of Sales)

Niklas Teng

(Head of Traffic & Festival)

Laura Bonde Pedersen

(Sales Assistant)

Natascha Degnova

(Head of PR & Marketing)